Hôtel restoring is located at 10 mn of Altkirch, 10 mn of Sierentz, 15 mn of Saint-Louis, 15 mn of Mulhouse and 40 mn of Axe Colmar of communication very fluid access to 10 mn of Highway A35 Aéroport international Basle-Mulhouse to 15 mn.  Hôtel is located in an environment very calm rural medium very comforting for small exits pédestres<< rivers, orchards, etc??.>>

On the road of carps fried into full c?ur with our uneven Alsace, in the area of the three borders France, Germany, Switzerland, is Hôtel Restoring the Sun < < Home of France 2 ** N N. > >  in Wahlbach 68130 small village of 350 inhabitants located at the south of Alsace integral part of a  small region < < Sundgau>>.Etablissement rebuilds completely has nine in 2004 Hôtel comprises 21 top-of-the-range rooms with alternate air-conditioning like all comfort .