The possibilities for people of Hôtel to make  a multitude activities Promenade with feet in the splendid drills of the neighbourhoods marked out by the club Vosgean Des paths V.T.T In  these wooded solid masses and spaces are integrated 800 ponds in an exemplary medical state for elevage of carp < < flat of gastronomical prestige of the région>>.Pêche has possible leisure.  For the exits in the Basle car in Switzerland international window of the world pharmaceutical groups, horlogery and finances

A 1 hour of hôtel, has Rust in Germany splendid Parc attraction < < europapark > > A Mulhouse the zoo animalier in a superb park

Mulhouse with its museum:

 - National Museum of automobile

Museum of the way of fer of the firemen, the stations


Museum of impression on fabrics -

Museum Barthodi & Unterliden




  Also at 10 minutes of Mulhouse for Colmar Ecomusée;  reconstitution of a  traditional Alsatian village or you can make splendid strolls in time, and the Bioscope, a theme park about the human. body


And in the vicinity

Skating rink in Mulhouse

- Swimming pool in Mulhouse - Deltaplane, parapente,ski in Markstein -Veil and board with veil canoe,raft, stroke out of waters running in Reiningue

- Golf with Mooslargue and Wittelsheim.

 - Park of waters running in Huningue